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 BMA has established a strategic alliance with Neologistix, who provides Supply Chain Solutions focused on engineering, supply chain and logistics. They have an extensive worldwide experience in developing business solutions and in implementing initiatives across sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics & distribution areas in small, medium and large organizations.


Business Planning

Business Definition
Supply Chain Stragety
Commercial Stragety
5 Year Planning

Demand & Supply Planning

Demand Planning& Forecasting
Inventory Management
Supply Network Planning
Distribution Planning

Operations Management

Processes Improvement
Capacity Planning
Inventory & Resources Planning
Quality Management

Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing Stragety
Cost Optimization
Vendor Management
Supplier Search

Warehouse & Storage

Warehouse Design
Warehouse Management
Cross Docking
WMS Implementation

Demand & Supply Planning

Transportation Planning
Bidding Process
TMS Implementation
Cost Optimization

Operations Management

Supply Chain Design
Network Modeling & Simulation
Supply Chain Analytics

Sourcing & Procurement

Supplier Development
Supply Network Collaboration
Sales & Inventory Monitoring