What Sets Us Apart

Accomplished business people helping you create sustainable improvements while exceeding your objectives


BMA has a an exceptional combination of experienced people, processes, knowledge, and contacts. Brought together, this enables us to deliver unique, robust, realistic and actionable recommendations.

People: We are a group of successful, talented business executives with more than 165 years of combined hands-on business experience.

Processes: We have captured process learnings from 20 different multinational companies and 10 different industries to guarantee a proven process recommendation. We will accompany you in the execution of our recommendations because it is precisely what we have been doing in our business lives and to make sure it will work.

Knowledge: All team members at BMA have worked in the best multinational companies where they received the state-of-the-art trainings in all areas of expertise.

Contacts: Our direct network extends to 50 different countries where our team members have had direct hands-on business experiences.