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Business Vision and Strategy

Understand where you are and what you want to become.
Define strategic choices and use OGSM tool.

Bussiness Model Optimization

A look into the 5 models: Revenue, Gross Margin, Operating,
Working Capital and Ivestment.

Sales Management

Sales recruiting, management, development, coordination of
sales operations, rewarding and capabilities/training.

Go to Market Design and Optimization

How are you reaching your customers vs competition:
channels, pricing, distribution, market segmentation.


Design of a marketing strategy that will fit your goals and
aspirations with your current reality. Marketing mix with the highest ROI.

Supply Chain Optimization

Strategic alliance with Neologistix who provides supply chain
solutions focused on engineering, supply chain and logistics.

Technology Development

Focused on data management and IT systems and operations.

Interim Management

Temporary supply of an individual with management
expertise into an organization.