Who we are

By knowing where we come from and how we started will give you the confidence to rely on our services and recommendations.
Aligning expectations regarding our work ethic and services will guarantee your total satisfaction.




After 28 years of a successful business management career in three multinational companies (Procter & Gamble, Clorox and Whirlpool) across USA, Latin America and Africa, Rodolfo Artiles identified the need for companies to get help with their performance issues via someone that really understands the corporate business culture and has been facing the same issues and challenges to meet short and long term objectives. He recalls:

“I dealt with many consultants in my career and I identified several gaps in their operating model. There was a disconnection between their teams and the organizational culture of their clients, consultants were highly technical but seldom they had a hands-on experience managing businesses (putting the skin on the game), they rarely accompanied their clients through the execution of their recommendation and the costs of hiring them was extremely high” 




Based on this experience, Rodolfo decided to start a “boutique” business management group in 2016 that would address all these opportunities/gaps and would make these services available and affordable for any organization (profit and non-profit) of any size (mainly medium and small).

He carefully handpicked and invited trusted colleagues and executives across Latin America with 20-30 years of business experience in recognized multinational companies across different countries to participate in the group. The response was overwhelming, because these friends and colleagues had seen the same opportunity and coincided on the large potential to help all these businesses in the region. That is how Business Management Allied (BMA) was created



What can you expect from us


 Full integration

We will immerse in your organizational culture to understand it and partner with your collaborators to drive our work. We seek to understand, then collaborate and help.


 Speak the same language

Since we all are business executives with long standing experience, we KNOW what you are going through, we UNDERSTAND your challenges and we VALUE your goals and aspirations.


 Value driven work

We will always have a ROI mindset in everything we do. We believe that by addressing the inefficiencies and opportunities will pay for our services.




We will be available at all times to respond to your questions and needs.



We will exert agility in everything we do, so we capture value as quickly as possible.


 Actionable solutions

We will combine our years of business experience with the best practices of the industry to come up with a realistic solution tailored to your specific needs. We can materialize the value of the proposal by accompanying you on the journey to value creation.