Business Vision and Strategy


WHAT IS IT – Vision is timeless, it is a “dream” of what your organization wants to be. A vision must be sufficiently clear and concise that everyone in the organization understands it and can buy into it with passion. Setting your vision or “dream” is critical to define your strategic choices of how you will achieve that organizational “dream”. It provides clarity, focus, sense of purpose and belonging and ultimately, engagement.

HOW WE CAN HELP – BMA can help you define your organizational vision by understanding where you are and what you want to become. We will partner with your team to get the input needed to articulate that “dream” and generate a vision that will be created and owned by your organization instead of imposed by external influencers.


WHAT IS IT – Strategy links the “dream” with current reality. A strategy is an integrated set of choices which positions the organization to create sustainable advantage relative to competition and superior financial/social value. In simple terms, strategy are the plans to achieve your vision. An organization without a strategy will navigate without a compass, lost in the day-to-day, not knowing whether they are winning or losing, causing confusion with no consistent messages and burned out, disengaged employees.

HOW WE CAN HELP – BMA can help you define those strategic choices by following a methodical analytical process that will yield clear choices of a) Goals and Aspirations, b) Where to Play, c) How to Win and d) How to configure.

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After setting the VISION and STRATEGY we will use a known methodology called OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) to operationalize and communicate this to your organization. This will represent your organization’s “Flight plan” that everyone will know, understand, commit and measure to deliver your objectives.

Soluciones visión y estrategias de negocios