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Ary Concept – Miami, Fl. USA

“We have been very fortunate to meet a professional like Rodolfo Artiles from the BMA Group. He demonstrated a great ability to listen and understand how our business work and what our needs are. We are very satisfied with his vision, strategies and proposals, which have been key to our business growth. We thank him for his great attitude and professionalism during the whole process”.

Yohany Albornoz – Founder and Creative Director

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Papelera Internacional, S.A. – Central American Subsidiary

“BMA did an outstanding job with the Strategy workshop for our company. The workshop dynamic was very successful and the feedback from the participant countries was excellent toward the facilitators and the methodology. Very valuable support and we are willing to hire them again for the next year’s strategy session”.
Freddy González – VP Sales & Marketing Latin America

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Grupo Master – Guatemala

“BMA consultants led by Rodolfo Artiles were very assertive at identifying the key drivers for profitability at Grupo Master. The final report included the opportunities to créate value in different áreas such as: organization, customer management, SKU rationalization and working capital. Based on these recommendations, an action plan was designed and it has been implemented with clear benefits for our Company”.

Cristian Rodríguez – Managing Partner

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Grupo Alza – Guatemala

“The work led by Rodolfo Artiles from BMA for our company was very effective in providing strategic clarity. He greatly supported the management of the business plans in a very objective way, identifying the areas of opportunity and improvement, particularly related to organizational structure.
Rodolfo is very direct and tactical in his intervention with clear deliverables in his workshops. Through his experience in the international corporate world, he has the ability to identify processes to achieve the objectives of an organization, strongly relying on the identification and solution of the main resource, the human resource”.

Steven Bueso – CEO

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Campo Fresco Corp. – Puerto Rico

“BMA did a very valuable work defining the corporate strategy. The work on export market assessments has given us clarity and focus on the potential markets and key players. BMA will continue being our partner in the execution of our expansion strategy.

Steven Sabo – VP LATAM

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Ary Concept – Miami, Fl. USA

“We are very pleased with the work BMA did for us in defining a better Go to Market for one of our businesses. What I liked most is that they worked quickly, diligently and intelligently. There was no “pie in the sky” proposals but rather an efficient analysis of the current model from which they developed a better solution for the business. They were very “hands on” in working with my management team and were able to deliver a proposal only after a few weeks. They know their business well and have a pool of talent to access to get the most knowledgeable people to do the job”.

Yohany Albornoz – Founder and Creative Director

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La Fabril – Ecuador

I would like to verify that BMA has collaborated with La Fabril which has HQ in Ecuador, developing consulting projects for route to market strategies and geographic expansion from 2017 to date. During that period of time, the work was carried out successfully within the established deadlines and objectives. I am aware not only of the quality of the service, but also of the practicality and implementability of the conclusions and the agility with which the projects were carried out.

Juan Franco – Chief Commercial Officer

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Industria Pecuaria


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Unilever – Puerto Rico

BMA helped us in the analysis of consolidation of territories in the Caribbean. We receive a complete service, based on data that supports the plan and the recommendations. The predetermined times and topics were met to provide a clear and timely recommendation. Rodolfo Artiles and his team have the experience to confirm and / or provide the necessary direction for business development. Recommended!

Peter Santiago – Country Manager

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Universidad del Sagrado Corazón – Puerto Rico

My experience with BMA was excellent! The talent in the work team that supported our project was diverse with robust experience in their area of expertise. They have an ability to identify strong opportunities. His recommendation was very comprehensive, supported by data. The recommended action plan was very detailed presenting a clear route. They understood and adjusted to our need.

Laura García – Chief of Staff – VP de Comunicacions Integradas.

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The Clorox Company


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Elektra – Latam

BMA is one of the most effective consulting firms I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Having been tasked with finding relevant commercial synergies in our regional operation, their analysis yielded figures that we found challenging at the time. Those figures were not only met, but vastly exceeded thanks to his knowledge and flawless execution. I also highlight its flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances during the project. It is clear that BMA does what it promises. “

Manuel Zúñiga – Director Comercial Latinoamérica

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Café Papa Otto


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V. Suárez & Co., Inc – Puerto Rico

BMA’s team of consultants have extensive business experience and knowledge of the distribution area. This helped them to quickly understand our business and needs bringing a broad perspective and fresh ideas that we will adapt to continue solidifying the growth of our company. The process was very professional and interactive, very productive and very open. They added a lot of value to our company!

Mari Casellas – VP Marketing

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clientes cmi logo

Molinos Modernos


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B. Fernández & Hnos.

Puerto Rico

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